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Event-Driven Strategies

Tiburon, spanish for shark and representative of our relentlessness, efficiency, ability to move swiftly and capacity to adapt.

Strategies include:

  • Special Situations;
  • Stressed-Distressed: and
  • Capital Structure (Indenture) Arbitrage

Tiburon seeks to harness returns from hard events - Revaluation Catalysts - as they occur.

Tiburon utilized its proprietary BRACE methodology in its review of investments and seeks to reduce human bias in decision-making.



Tiburon Markets Overview

August, 2015

Slow, Boring, Better, Longer

We anticipate slow growth, slow reflation, and slow retrenchment from the Fed over the course of 2H15 and into 2016. Our view is that (without a judgment on valuation) this is a pretty benign backdrop for risk-taking and for equities. Slow growth may mean we haven’t and won’t see a large amplitude or classic spike to this cycle, but we may see a longer periodicity, or duration. Slow reflation means modest improvement in the consumer’s ability to spend and a less harsh impact on corporate profitability due to wage inflation. Oil prices may modestly rise (or not) and the US dollar may strengthen, but at a far less rapid rate than we saw late last year. Slow retrenchment means the Fed first acts this year (we anticipate September, December) or early next year with some growing possibility, potentially even independent of the economic data, but it acts extremely cautiously and slowly over the coming couple of years. Select companies should achieve modest earnings growth and/or multiple expansion.









Tiburon Capital Management is an SEC registered investment advisor
and 100% employee-owned (and a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise)

Tiburon was founded by Peter M. Lupoff, an active participant in event-driven, deep value, credit and distressed strategies  for over 20 years and widely heralded as a pioneer in various aspects of the event-driven markets and investing. Tiburon Event-Driven portfolios are managed by Mr. Lupoff and Brian Swain - both experienced veterans in event-driven and deep value.

We seek to generate absolute returns with low volatility by exploiting market, documentary and competitor research inefficiencies and deficiencies.

How do we differ from others? Tiburon is agnostic 1)  Long or Short; 2) Among Securities - equities, bonds, options and 3) Among the myriad events, or Revaluation Catalysts.  Agnosticism in Mandate removes much of the moral hazard faced by those that need to believe in a particular market, cycle, security, industry or direction.

Tiburon portfolios are liquid and historically uncorrelated to larger "index-like" event-driven managers.
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