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Event-Driven Strategies

Tiburon, spanish for shark and representative of our relentlessness, efficiency, ability to move swiftly and capacity to adapt.

Strategies include:

  • Special Situations;
  • Stressed-Distressed: and
  • Capital Structure (Indenture) Arbitrage

Tiburon seeks to harness returns from hard events - Revaluation Catalysts - as they occur.

Tiburon utilized its proprietary BRACE methodology in its review of investments and seeks to reduce human bias in decision-making.

Monthly Markets Overview

September 2014

Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time we've got. - Art Buchwald

So with a rate hike common market perspective (we see 2Q15), there is some history to reflect upon to determine, as pundits like to say, "what inning are we in". In this Tiburon Markets Overview, we frame the discussion in terms of cycles or a clock, and suggest what time it is. Whatever the time, cycle, inning, the Tiburon mandate: agnostic directionally, among securities and events, puts us in a position to make money despite the economy or markets direction.







Tiburon Capital Management is an SEC registered investment advisor.

Tiburon was founded by Peter M. Lupoff, an active participant in event-driven, deep value, credit and distressed strategies  for over 20 years and widely heralded as a pioneer in various aspects of the event-driven markets and investing.

We seek to generate absolute returns with low volatility by exploiting market, documentary and competitor research inefficiencies and deficiencies.

How do we differ from others? Agnosticism in Mandate: 1) Agnostic Long or Short; 2) Agnostic among Securities - equities, bonds, options: and Agnostic among the myriad events, or Revaluation Catalysts - Asset Sales, Divestitures, Law Suits, Regulatory, Varied Arbitrages, Defaults, Liquidations.  Agnosticism in Mandate removes much of the moral hazard faced by those that need to believe in a particular market, cycle, security, industry or direction. Tiburon portfolios are liquid and historically uncorrelated to larger "index-like" event-driven managers.
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